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Demeter Angel Food by Demeter For Women

Enjoy the sweet and succulent aroma of sponge cake with Demeter Angel Food. This perfume, which was released by Demeter in 1997, smells just as delectable as the famous light...
Cologne Spray 4 ozCologne Spray 1 oz

Demeter Apple Blossom by Demeter For Women

Embrace the warm days of spring and summer with Demeter Apple Blossom. Launched in 2007 by Demeter, this bright and fruity perfume has the light and delicate scent of the...
Cologne Spray 4 oz

Demeter Asian Pear Cologne by Demeter For Women

Demeter Asian Pear Cologne, established by Demeter in 2015, is a seductive and delicate perfume for women. This fresh fragrance uses the delicious Asian pear for a slight sweetness, with...
Cologne Spray (Unisex) 4 oz

Demeter Baby Powder by Demeter For Women

Demeter Baby Powder, created by the fragrance house of Demeter, is a fresh, clean perfume for women that is light and gentle. The calming and familiar scent of baby powder...
Cologne Spray 4 oz

Demeter Baby Shampoo by Demeter For Women

Demeter Baby Shampoo, launched by the fragrance house of Demeter in 2016, is a light and gentle perfume that is suitable for both women and men. The fresh, powdery aroma...
Cologne Spray 4 oz

Demeter Baihao Yinzhen Tea by Demeter For Women

Demeter Baihao Yinzhen Tea is a distinctive perfume that is reminiscent of the wonderful and rich aromas of luxurious white teas. Rich, green notes are balanced with light citrusy tones...
Cologne Spray 4 oz

Demeter Bamboo by Demeter For Women

If you're seeking a perfume for women that evokes the fresh, exotic vibe of a bamboo forest, try Demeter Bamboo. Tender green shoots of bamboo are flanked by notes of...
Cologne Spray 4 oz

Demeter Banana Flambee by Demeter For Women

An ode to the rich, caramelized flavors of an adored dessert, Demeter Banana Flambee will have your friends and admirers thronging to you. From the distinctive note of banana to...
Cologne Spray 4 oz

Demeter Barbados Cherry by Demeter For Women

A bright, tart-sweet fragrance, Demeter Barbados Cherry evokes the bounty of spring and summer in the tropics. Dab on a little and wait for the mouth-watering scent of its signature...
Cologne Spray 4 oz

Demeter Beeswax by Demeter For Women

Launched in 2008, Demeter Beeswax is an oriental floral fragrance for women. With its sweet animalic notes, you could be excused for shirking work and fleeing to the woods! Composed...
Cologne Spray 4 oz

Demeter Between The Sheets by Demeter For Women

Inspired by a 1920s cocktail recipe, Demeter Between The Sheets is a whimsical blend of guava, lemon, mango, orange, passionfruit and rum. When you spritz a little of this fresh...
Cologne Spray 1 oz

Demeter Birthday Cake by Demeter For Women

You can have your cake and smell it, too! Thanks to Demeter Birthday Cake perfume, every day is a special celebration when you inhale the delicious notes of chocolate cake,...
Cologne Spray 4 oz

Demeter Black Ginger by Demeter For Women

Launched in 2012, Demeter Black Ginger is packed full of ginger, ginger flower and spices. Distinct for its spicy nature, the fragrance is both energizing and warming. If you're looking...
Cologne Spray (formerly Kahala ) 4 oz

Demeter Black Russian by Demeter For Women

Inspired by the cocktail of the same name, Demeter Black Russian marries the traditional ingredients of the beverage in one sophisticated swoop. Coffee, vodka and sugar are the three central...
Cologne Spray 1 ozCologne Spray 4 oz

Demeter Blackberry Pie by Demeter For Women

Wild blackberry, peach and lemon are the signature ingredients in this fragrance version of an American pie classic. Launched in 2014, Demeter Blackberry Pie is a light, citrus-infused perfume that...
Cologne Spray 4 oz

Demeter Blueberry by Demeter For Women

Demeter Blueberry, one of more than 300 scents from the Demeter fragrance house, whisks one away to a warm summer day picking fresh fruit in a patch or standing in...
Cologne Spray 4 oz