The Sweet Smell of Success

As we welcome 2023, we deserve something special. Welcome to the New Year Sale at the Perfume Shop! You are ready to take on the New Year in style - get up to 50% off and free shipping up to $60 -. Read on for our Top 13 Best New Year Specials.

Calvin Klein's Obsession

Obsession is a powerful, sensual fragrance that awakens your inner potency. Blended with a compelling mixture of spices, exotic woods, and botanicals, it is pure masculinity at its best. Mr. Klein has blended top notes of mandarin with bergamot. 

The middle notes of sage, lavender, and myrrh add an exotic touch. The base - notes of vetiver, sandalwood, and musk add depth and warmth. Fuel your inner fire and drive this New Year with a scent as strong as your ambition.

OBSESSION by Calvin Klein

Euphoria by Calvin Klein

This gorgeously styled bottle is the first thing you notice. Another pure gold fragrance from the House of Calvin Klein, Euphoria is as glorious as the name suggests. Intoxicating, this scent fuses the mystery of black orchids, the richness of pomegranate, warm amber, and the intensity of mahogany. You deserve ultimate sensuality this New Year.

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Ralph Lauren's Polo Black

Striking, sophisticated, and cultured- Polo Black epitomizes everything you want to be. Named for the Sport of Kings, this is a bold fragrance. Chilled mango is blended with the romance of the evening, patchouli noir, and finished with the shine of silver armoise. Begin 2023 off as you intend to finish it - courageous, elegant, and distinctive.

POLO BLACK by Ralph Lauren

Liz Claiborne's Curve

Curve is a sexy classic clean scent for the modern man. The freshness of juniper berries, neroli, lavender, and pineapple mixes with the tang of lemon for the top notes. The middle has a spicy bite of ginger with bergamot, sage, cardamom, coriander, violet, and a splash of cactus. Base notes bring the heat with pepper, mahogany, cedar, sandalwood, amber, and vetiver. Liz Claiborne was a firebrand in fashion, and her legacy lives on in Curve. Clean yet complex, this is a classic start to your New Year.

CURVE by Liz Claiborne

Bella by Vince Camuto

Described as beautiful and relaxing, Bella is a delightfully enchanting fragrance. Italian bergamot accented with fresh juicy nectarine blossoms and sensual jasmine water. Crafted by the legend of style, Vince Camuto, this perfume is your accessory to make 2023 as vibrant as you are.


Donna Karan's Be Delicious

This fragrance is so iconic it needs no introduction. The name says it all. Inspired by the attitude of New York, this unforgettable apple has the hit of apple, the warmth of sandalwood, and finishes with a sweet flourish of magnolia. The ad is provocative as DKNY invites you to Be Delicious. Will you be as delicious as you can be this New Year?


Donna Karan's Cashmere Mist

Cashmere is associated with pure luxury, and this perfume holds true. With the luxury of rose and jasmine petals, there is an unexpected zing with a hint of grapefruit. Fun, flirty, and eternally spring, this scent captures how 2023 should be.

CASHMERE MIST by Donna Karan

Versace's Eau Fraiche

The fragrance of the thinking man, Eau Fraiche blends water and forest scents. 

The top notes of smooth fruits are carambola, lemon, bergamot, Brazilian rosewood, and cardamom. The middle supports with tarragon, cedar, pepper, and sage. The forest is ushered in with base notes of sycamore, musk, saffron, and amber. A stunningly informed fragrance, Versace will always be an excellent choice for making your New Year meaningful.


Versace's Bright Crystal

In honor of strong, confident women, Versace created Bright Crystal. An alluring, fresh fragrance, it blends the pop of pomegranate with chilled yuzu for the top notes. The middle notes are a mesmerizing fusion of lotus flowers, peonies, and magnolia. Warm amber and deep musk provide the base notes. Will you be a proud #Versace Woman in 2023?


Yves Saint Laurent's La Nuit De L'Homme

The French have a reputation for sensuality, and La Nuit De L’Homme leads the way. (literal translation is The Night of Man). With undeniable masculinity, the top notes are cardamom and bergamot. Lavender and cedarwood add complexity to the middle notes. The depth of the base notes - vetiver, courmarin, and amber - announce that the sole intention is seduction. Yves Saint Laurent is known for being a lover of love. Be irresistible this New Year!


Marc Jacob's Daisy

The sparkling energy, and pure innocence, capture the joy of being forever young in a gorgeous bottle. The top notes are soft strawberry and effervescent grapefruit. The middle notes are the heart with light florals and a hint of violet leaf. All of this swirls with base notes of a whispered musk-woodsy finish. Choose to be forever young in 2023 with Daisy.


Valentino Valentina by Valentino

It is simply beautiful with an equally stunning bottle. The bottle is topped with delicate glasswork, artfully resembling flowers. It opens with sweet soft notes of bergamot and the truffle of neroli. Middle notes of gracious jasmine, orange blossoms, and tuberose add a delicate floral point. A base note of vanilla, with hints of amber and cedar, completes the picture. Romantic enough for everyday use, this scent is dramatic enough to wow on a night out. Add some romance and drama to your New Year!


Obsession by Calvin Klein

Our list comes full circle with Obsession perfume for women. Classic and spicy, with the exotic tang of the Orient, Obsession is very well named. This sultry scent opens with orange blossom with a heart of vanilla. Enticing amber rounds everything off. Luxurious and seductive, this perfume is everything you are. Let him be Obsessed with you this New Year.

Obsession Eau De Parfum Spray women

Our Top 13 list has the most gorgeous, sensual, and empowering scents currently trending. With the few years being so chaotic and demanding, we all deserve some serious pampering. 2023 is a brand new slate. You get to choose what you write on it. Now is your chance to be who you want to be. Make the NY resolution to be the very best you that you can be and live fully. Live every moment with intensity. Grab your hot new perfume up to 50% off, with up to $60 free shipping with our New Year Sale. Make December 31 your time to shine - you deserve it!