Christmas Sale fragrances


Discover the world of fabulous right at your fingertips. Explore soft dreamy scents, delicate perfumes, and masculine fragrances - there is the perfect scent for everyone. Fragrance forms a vital part of memory. It colors our moods and memories and affects our confidence and outlook. Having a perfume that reflects your personality is very empowering. This Festive Season, you can give the gift of beauty to everyone on your Nice list. There are even fragrances for those who make your Naughty list! Naughty can be Nice depending on the circumstances With our incredible Christmas Sale, you should be getting yourself your favorite as well! Under the tree will be a gorgeous spot this year with delightful discounts and free shipping up to $60. 


Perfume is the Perfect Gift

Everyone loves looking and feeling their best. Having a gorgeous perfume completes the image and fills you with confidence. Like music, perfume is a universal language, and we all respond well to beauty. A well-chosen perfume says more about you than mere words. It can boost your confidence, lift your spirits, and enhance your mood. It can even set the tone of an occasion. Giving the gift of perfume says “I love you” in a glass bottle. While enjoying the benefits of our Christmas sale, look at the gift sets for a gift that gives it all. Matching your scent and skincare is an irresistible blend. It magnifies the fragrance and ensures it lasts as long as you do. There are gift sets for everyone - yes, guys, this means men's gift sets too!

Choosing the Best Perfume

Humans have been using certain scents for health reasons for centuries. For example, we know that citrus is energizing and peppermint is soothing. We use certain scents to send messages too. Flowers are the traditional gift of romance, and perfume taps into that. Soft floral scents are the modern equivalent of an old-fashioned bouquet. Romantic fragrances are always popular. Some perfumes also offer complexity, with warm base notes like musk and sandalwood. There are energizing notes. There are sultry deep, warm-blooded ones. Every aspect of a perfume sends its subconscious message. Choosing the perfect fragrance gift is as easy as matching the scent to the person and your message. Choose citrus-centered bold ones for active types, delicate scents add a dash of summer, and deep and complex top notes hint at warm mysteries.

Memorable Perfumes

Remember the smell after the rain? Or your favorite meal cooking? Or the lingering scent after hugging your loved one? This effect is an olfactory memory and is incredibly effective. Certain smells will bring up old memories, reminding us of people, places, and good times past. Use this knowledge to your advantage. You can choose which fragrance people will remember you. Or to remember a special occasion. It is your time to shine. It is your time to create future memories for yourself and others. Choose perfumes to match your mood, to step into who you want to be. Create memories with your iconic scent, leaving a whisper trail as you walk through life. 

Classic Perfumes

  • There are famous perfumes that have their own legendary stories. Some scents created so much drama they became part of history. 
  • There is a bottle of Chanel No. 5 in New York’s Museum of Modern Art. 
  • People were scandalized when Opium was released. The American Coalition Against Opium and Drug Abuse demanded an apology for its release! 

Everyone has a classic perfume on their bucket list. Some people are wary of the price of high-quality perfumes. (Clearly, they haven’t seen our specials! Some people feel too shy to buy such a perceived luxury for themselves, feeling self-indulgent and not worthy of the spoils. Even worse, some people may not know their self-worth and would never dream of owning something like this.  Giving someone a secretly longed-for classic may be the ultimate Christmas gift!

The Perfect Gift for Someone who has it All

Every gift list has that tricky person - someone who has A-Z and never hints at what they might like to receive. Perfume comes to the rescue! A bottle of their favorite fragrance is always welcome. Details like knowing their favorite show you in a good light, which is a bonus. It shows you know them and have considered their thoughts and feelings. There is the option of choosing a new perfume for them - one they may not have considered for themselves. Trying out new, sexy scents is a whole new way to give someone a boost and enhance their experiences. With the right scent, a shy person may find a new lease on life with added zing. There are many options to explore, which is part of gift-giving fun. You may even find the perfect gift for yourself!

Christmas Perfume Sale

Avoiding crowds and pushy salespeople is essential for your sanity, especially during the holidays. The Festive Season can be a nightmare to negotiate when buying the perfect present. Between trying to guess what your difficult S.I.L. loves, what your cousin was hinting at, and getting your S.O. something to blow their mind, it can be traumatizing. It doesn’t even cover friends, obligatory gifts, and generally excellent gifts for showing off your dynamite taste. Shopping safely online is the best way to get the perfect gifts for everyone on your list without all the hassle. The Perfume Shop offers an incredible range of options, including gift packs for those wanting more. If your gift list has someone impossible to get a gorgeous fragrance for, we have you covered. There are other options available. We offer everything from hair care products to a stunning skincare range. We even have a range of candle products - so relax, you’ve got this. To celebrate the season, take advantage of our Christmas Sale, with up to 50% off and free shipping up to $60! Gift shopping has never been easier!