Finding the perfect gift for your nearest and dearest can be overwhelming. 

Holiday shopping anxiety, crowded stores, insane traffic - the struggle is real. The good news is that there is a way to grab the perfect gift with no hassles. Online shopping is the answer to all your problems! As for the perfect gift - in a word - perfume. Fine fragrances are trending at the top of wish lists  - and yes, they are for all genders. We’ve done the research. 

Here are the Top 10 best perfumes for gifts this Festive Season.

Polo Black

Ralph Lauren’s fragrances are undeniably bold and gorgeous. Polo Black is no exception. From Wall Street meetings to exclusive nightclubs, Polo Black is the scent for smooth trailblazers. 

POLO BLACK by Ralph Lauren

POLO BLACK Men Perfume by Ralph Lauren

How does it smell? 

Top notes of icy citrus blend with the deep warmth of sandalwood and patchouli. 

Which celebrity loves it? 

International model and polo player, Nacho Figueras loves it. Seeing this glamorous sportsman in a suit is the perfect embodiment of this men’s fragrance.


Hugo Boss’ Alive exudes energy. That delicately hued perfume is pure summer sunshine and fun captured in a bottle. Living up to its name, wearing this scent makes you feel Alive - ready for anything and having fun. 



How does it smell? 

A gorgeous mix of sparkling apple, sweet blackcurrant, spicy cinnamon, and sun-kissed plum. 

Which celebrity loves it? 

“Wild Child” star Emma Roberts found her early girl-hood dream of a signature scent came true with Alive. 


Versace’s Eros is the essence of sensuality. What else can you expect from a fragrance named after the Greek god of Passion? It is an intensely masculine scent that has claimed the title of King of Clubbing. Nothing further needs to be said. 

Versace Eros Eau de Toilette for men

Versace Eros Eau de Toilette for men

How does it smell?

 It is a fusion of refreshing mint and crisp apple with a zing of lemon. 

Which celebrity loves it? 

James Reid - singer, actor, model, and even record producer -  swears by this fragrance. Looking at his lifestyle, that seems like a 5-star recommendation.

Green Irish Tweed

The misty green hills of Ireland, complete with a dramatic seascape in an equally dramatic scent. Creed’s invigorating EDP is perfect for the man of action in love with nature and culture. It is a refined and polished fragrance. 



How does it smell? 

It is peppermint and fresh lemon mixed with a green, misty hilltop by the coast. 

Which celebrity loves it?

George Clooney is an enthusiastic fan, along with Russell Crowe.


Johnny Depp is the face of Christian Dior’s Sauvage. Johnny’s simmering charisma is the perfect match for this enigmatic fragrance. The smoldering ad campaign and billboards have been eye-catching. 

DIOR SAUVAGE by Christian Dior

DIOR SAUVAGE Men Perfume by Christian Dior

How does it smell? 

It is the scent of sultry starlit nights of citrus, musk, and spices. 

Which celebrity loves it? 

Another leading man loved by the ladies, Antonio Banderas, joins Johnny.

Light Blue (for Men)

Dolce and Gabbana have captured the glories of a Mediterranean summer in Light Blue. The fragrance is undeniably fresh and exudes sexy warmth. This scent is a mini vacation, and who doesn’t love summer vacation?  

D & G Light Blue Eau De Toilette Spray

How does it smell? 

Zing of grapefruit and warm spice. 

Which celebrity loves it? 

English model David Gandy is the face of the campaign and a dedicated fan.

Light Blue (for Women)

D&G’s Light Blue was just too good for only one. Aside from the wildly popular men’s, there is also Light Blue for the ladies. A beautifully casual fragrance, it simply oozes springtime freshness with crisp, clean notes.  

D & G Light Eau De Toilette Spray

D & G Light Blue Women EDT Spray

How does it smell? 

It has a light fruitiness with soft floral notes and a depth of amber and musk to finish. 

Which celebrity loves it? 

Movie star Bela Padilla and international model Bianca Balti both love this perfume.


Gucci’s Guilty created a firestorm with its  #ForeverGuilty campaign. The ironic play on words meant being Guilty of living and loving your way, in absolute freedom. The scent is as daring as its name. 



How does it smell? 

Spicy pepper refreshed with lemon finished with the softer complexity of orange blossom, honeyed neroli, and lavender. 

Which celebrity loves it? 

Much loved actor Chris Evans is the face of Guilty - a match made in heaven.

1 Million

Paco Rabanne’s luxury fragrance is unabashed and sumptuous in a gold bar-shaped bottle. There is no compromise with this scent. It is wanting  - and having -it all. It is the confidence of knowing you are one in a million and love the attention. 

PACO RABANNE 1 Million Eau de Toilette for him

PACO RABANNE 1 Million Eau de Toilette

How does it smell? 

It is an expensive fruity wine with spicy, woody warm notes. 

Which celebrity loves it? 

Famous model, Sean O’Pry, loves the scent that epitomizes pure indulgence.


From the Latin for unconquered, Invictus is smooth and bold. Irresistibly masculine, it combines sexy sophistication with cultured charm. 

INVICTUS by Paco Rabanne

INVICTUS Men Perfume by Paco Rabanne

How does it smell? 

It is a fresh, woody scent with the tang of a sea breeze. 

Which celebrity loves it? 

Rich and famous sports stars Nick Youngquest and Jalen Green have both been the face of the fragrance. Like Invictus, they are deep and athletic- they were excellent choices as ambassadors for Paco Rabanne.

Christmas Shopping Made Easy

Our Top 10 list shows just some of the mesmerizing perfumes available. Everyone has a personal favorite, and having your signature scent is empowering. But sometimes, something bold and new may be the boost you need. You may even find a new favorite. 

This Festive Season, give the gift of beauty and confidence. Give perfume. 

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May this Christmas be filled with fabulous fragrances and beautiful memories for you and your loved ones.